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The town of Scituate plays one of the most vital roles in the State of Rhode Island in that it is home of the Scituate Reservoir which makes up 38% of the town’s land area, and is the water source for most of the State. This project resulted in the condemnation of “1,195 buildings, including 375 houses, seven schools, six churches, six mills, thirty dairy farms, eleven ice houses, post offices, and an electric railway system, the Providence and Danielson Railway system. (wiki reference) A mostly rural town in Northern Rhode Island, Scituate is heavily forested and offers sanctuary to many of the native wildlife in the state as most of the land is protected and untouched to human traffic. Don’t be fooled as there are also nearly 3800 homes located within the town along with many recreational areas for its residents and visitors. If you are looking for fine dining and nightlife, you will not find it here but that’s ok because it’s just a stone throw away in the neighboring town of Johnston.

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